How much weight can you lose in 6 weeks?

How much weight can you lose in 6 weeks?

Weight lose is most caring and searching topic in the world. Many people do different kind of thing to get succeeds. But lots of are not reach succeed. Because of wrong activities and extra huge target on their targeted time period. If you checking how much weight can I lose in 6 weeks, no one can give exact correct answer for this. On this 6 weeks period of time you cannot lose 40 – 50 pounds. But it is possible to lose good reasonable weight on your body.

How much weight can I lose in 6 weeks is realistic thing?

Yes it is realistic thing. There are many factors affect for lose your body weight. Genetics, Sleeping pattern, calorie burning capability, metabolism and fitness level mainly affected for this. As we express on lose pound a day plan, first you have to try to change your eating plan. It is the main point that gains your body weight by extra level of calories. In this target you have 6 weeks of time.

How much weight can you lose in 6 weeks

On the first few days you may not seen any changes on your body. But good exercises and diet plan actively works inside. By controlling calorie intakes your weight has get down by burning extra fat on body. On this first week period most probably your weight loses by 2 – 3 pounds. But it’s depending on main two points as we express above (Exercises & Diet). If you are doing exercises for abs and cardio at first time you may felt tired. But after the first week this will goes down. You can increase exercise time and patterns after first week.

Manage calorie intake

Second week onward you can easily burn 4, 5 pounds. As on our research and experience within 6 weeks of time you can lose 22 – 30 pounds. Losing weight is not a stable thing. You cannot lose exact weight at a time. It’s change to up or down with conditions and facts. But most important thing we remind you are does not try to lose much weight fast without thinking the health. Because of your health condition is most important. For healthy life your body needs some proper range of calorie intake. If you are going to cut down it rapidly you cannot achieve on 6 weeks target. And other than that your fitness condition going down and body fells unhealthy. So it’s not the correct way.

What should you do for achieve this

You need to take low crab foods.  You can take more fruits on your main diet. It’s healthy and helps to reduce calorie intake.  More vegetable for daily is another good point to reduce calorie intake. It’s good for 6 weeks journey.  You need to control and minimize portion size of high density calorie foods. Specially pasta, cereal, meat, rice are having much calories. Sometimes you may feel hungry. But it’s not harmful. Take more fiber foods. Its holds some more water and swell up stomach.  And also need to get foods with having more proteins. It is helps to full your stomach long time and keep healthiness. And remember do not skip any meals at any single day. Some are missing them to get immediate result. But it is totally incorrect.


Then the exercise is most important factor for lose weight within 6 weeks. You have 6 weeks of time and you can start exercises slowly. If you are a person without no any prior practice start with simple steps. Walking is good for everybody. Starting from 15 minutes you can take good result within 6 weeks. You can increase this time period day by day. 1 to 1.5 hours per day is really good. Slow running is another good factor for lose weight. Slow running doesn’t get you fell tiered. After practicing 4, 5 days easily you can run 45 minutes to 1 hour at the end of the time period. If you cannot run outside you can go to the gym and able to use treadmill.


Skipping is another good thing for burn fat and loses your body weight. You can do it on your home, garden or gym. If you can swim then it is also a good thing for lose weight actively. But this is not effect for everybody.  Because all of us cannot swim.

These simple steps and things can help you to lose up to 30 pounds within 6 weeks. So people who badly want to know how much weight I can lose in 6 weeks of time simply follow above things.

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