How to lose 5 pounds in a month by ease steps?

How to lose 5 pounds in a month by ease steps?

Everybody has goals, targets, and challenges. Lots of people in the earth having deeper challenge of weight lose. On this different person having different level of weight loses target and they looking helps & facts for success this. If anyone who looking for a how to lose 5 pounds in a month, then this guide definitely helps for them. A 5 pounds a month is not easy but following good guide it’s easier than hours of exercise.

Plan your target lose 5 pounds in a month

To reach your target at least you need to burn & loss 600 calories. You need to plan your meals based on the calorie intake. And then attend to exercise to burn calories. This physical exercises partly given huge support for reach the goal. We will discuss below about this points.

Control calorie Intake

Always take more fruits & vegetables as your meal. More portion of fruits & vegetable fill your hungry with low calories. By taking these 2 additionally you will gets minerals, vitamins & fiber. Each & every meal you need to include these fruits & vegetables. Especially on morning fruits are really good for your body weight lose.  Brown rice is best for use other than the white rice. Some portion of whole grains also good choice for lose weight. Whole wheat crackers, barley, Oats, nuts & hummus are good as snacks. 100 – 200calories good from snacks. Take lean protein like beans, lentils, and tofu. Low calorie protein bar, Greek yogurt, low fat cheese really good choices for weight lose. By taking, these good foods you also need to avoid high calorie foods. Sugar is really bad factor for weights lose. Also excess sauces, syrups, fast foods and bottle salads are not good for yours this journey.

Drink More Water

To healthy life and lose weight at any target this factor is really important. For daily consumption you need to take at least 8 – 10 glasses. This limit may differ for person to person by their age, weight & gender. While you going on the goal you didn’t forget to take recommended level of water. Someone who works telling that they haven’t time to fill their cup time to time. This is not a reason for achieve it. You can apply some alternatives like using water bottle is really practical. Always try to drink some water before the meal .It calm you’re hungry & help to take lesser meal.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol products are really bad factor for lose weight. For reach your goal you strictly need to avoid this. It is slow down the weight lose activity. If you really need that whether on party or special event limit it to maximum for 2 glasses.


Physical exercises are also essential factors for weights lose. You can do this accordingly your health, Time available for allocate & weight.

How to lose 5 pounds in a month

Cardio exercise

People who looking for how to lose 5 pounds in a month, this part is really important. You need to give good effort for this. Aerobic exercises are more famous on these days. You can do this by yourself after self study or you can join to group of having good coach. From this you will get good result & its helps to lose your body weight. Jogging is also most famous cardio exercise in the world. You can use treadmill or you can do this on the road side, park or specially made jogging track.

How to help hiking for lose 5 pounds in a month

Hiking is also good factor for lose weight under the cardio exercise. This has unique hobby for some people & it was giving amazing result on weight lose. If you can do it once a week easily lose 5 pounds in a week. You can join the dancing class or group of friends. You will never be boring on this. Because it is group activity & after some time it may automatically convert as hobby I guess. It is move most part of the body & uses many abs. So its helps to burn the calories and easy to reach your goal of lose 5 pounds in a month.


Another good cardio exercise is biking. For 5 pounds a moth challenge you need to allocate 30 to 1 hour time for this biking.  Good calorie burn activity and decrease your laziness.  If you are not interested for above activity then don’t worry about that, you can join to gym and do workout at there. Always get guide from gym coach & do exercises in proper way. Strength workouts like push-ups, crunches may helps to increase metabolism in your body & decrease lots more calories by burning.

Record activity & progress

Record your weight progress on the sheet. You can scale it and note down every day on same time session. By reviewing it you can measure your success and change your plans according to that weight. You can show this records for other friends of you who checking the lose weight progress.

Also record your meal plan for every day. If you can plan your meals in advance for at least week by week it’s really helpful to review your success according to your weight lose. If your weight losing by little slower then you can check your record sheets, & change your meals & exercise.


By Some exercises also made for good result to lose weight. Tennis, Badminton & etc good for lose weight. On these games you are running, jump until the game is finish. So it was good for burn calories and loses your body weight.

Good Sleep

Sleep is another good factor for lose 5 pounds in a month. Everybody has in any age limit need good sleep for every day.

Meet doctor

If having any sickness or disability you need to meet your doctor and discus your matter very clearly. It will be really good for you and your healthy life. Doctor will suggest you to proper tasks to do without any difficulty for your body condition.

Persons who looking how to lose 5 pounds in a month we strongly recommend to follow given guide lines. You need to first like to this schedule & workouts. And also foods are really important thing. As per the guide you need to check their calorie limits.

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