How to lose a pound a day of body weight

How to lose a pound a day of body weight

Lots of people in the world have big trouble in mind. It is losing their body weight. In period of times bad eating habit gain body weight unbalance. After your body fat & weight up then need more effort to control it & down the limit. You definitely need to reduce weight & fat according to body & age measurements. If not it will affect some illness. It is deep trouble. Most of are trying to reduce weight is not easy. But in some kind of situation like special event you have then you need to reduce extra pound of weight. Kind of these situation you definitely check how to lose a pound a day of your weight. This is not easy work, but it’s possible with your activities & caring.

For this rapid lose weight activity you will need carefully eating behavior, exercises. In number expressing of this activity is you need to burn out 3500 calories to get the result. Each food types have different levels of calorie ranges. By checking on the food calorie table you can get an idea about that. So you definitely need to know about your weight, calories you get within the day and consuming level of the day. Then you have an idea about what kind of amount you need to burn.

Before you doing these activities you have need to know how many calories to lose weight per day calories in pound of fat, how many calories to lose 1 pound.

Need to Get Less Calories to lose 15 pounds:

To lose a pound a day this thing was very important. For a day you will need to burn out 1200 – 2000 calories. This is not an easy task. You can cut down the calories intake by getting healthy food. But remember, definitely you need to get small portion.

  • When you select the meal for a day cut down fat, carbohydrate, salt & sugar. Most of the regular foods having these things. But people who checking how to lose pound a day we recommend to cut down to get best result and lose pound of weight per day.
  • Do not use olive oils, sauces, vegetable oil, sprays using to cooking. Because these things included much more calories. If you are use these things while cooking your meals, then extra level of calorie adding. Its wasting your effort of weight loses.
  • You can use lime, peppers, vinegar for season your foods.
  • For your main meals always make low calorie foods like green beans, celery, spinach .Vegetable meals give low calories to body.
  • For getting protein you can get fish, chicken, turkey.
  • Always try to get only main meals. Do not get snacks or other foods other than the main meals.

Do aerobic activities

Some people think how to lose a pound in a day, and some other were thinking that is losing a pound a day unhealthy? By our researches & experience we can guaranteed that losing pound of weight is not an unhealthy for you. By controlling foods & doing good activities you can realize this goal. There is many healthy aerobic type activities helps to cut down calories and losing pound a day.


This is really good and healthy activity for lose your weight. By cycling 30 minutes to 1 hour you can burn out lots of calories. On this activity will get good exercise to your body, especially to legs. If you are a working person then you can do this on morning before you leaving home or you can do it at the evening. You can plan this thing with your life style. If your office situated on 30 -40 minutes away from home you can use bicycle as your transport partner. By doing this automatically set more than one hour of cycling.

Climbing Rock:

If you are a travel or hiking lover then this is really suitable activity for you. If you need rapid weight lose then this is really good things for you. By doing this whole body has get exercise and it will burn out the calories.


This activity can’t do for anybody. Because these are activities can do only for people who can swim perfectly. Swimming is really fast and effective way for lose weight by burning lots of calories.


This is another good activity for burn your calories. By doing this for one hour your body will burn out 600 – 800 calories. So People who searching how to lose a pound a day, this is good aerobic activity you can do.

Join weight lose community to Share how to lose a pound a day tips

If you are an individual one of the best thing is join weight lose communities as relevant. These communities having same target people & they were trying best and easy steps & ways for lose weight by pound a day. It’s being different for others. You can try these and also share your ideas & techniques. This was really helps to losing fat & weight.

Drink more water

Drinking water is another good factor for lose pound a day. By drinking 3, 4 bottles per day (3 liter or more) will really good for your body & health.

Drink Lemon on morning

After you wake up on the morning you can drink lemon glass. This was really good for lose calories. You can also use lime other than the lemon.

Take Your Dinner Earlier

As we mentioned before you need to take care of your meals. And also you don’t need to get any foods after 7pm. Always try to get your dinner some earlier. This will help your body to consume calories on good circle. Do not sleep just after the meal. Keep good gap between your meal time & sleep time. And also remember to get healthy & less calorie foods especially on night.

Green Tea

This is another good one for control weight and loses calories.

Take Healthy foods

You can take apple for your dessert. This was real good one and it also fill up your hungry without increasing lots of calories. Also you can use ginger for your meals & tea. Ginger will helps & increase your digestion.

Do extra activities to skipping taking the foods.

Some people, specially teens & elders are food lovers. If they are staying home alone then there is more possibility to eat something usually. It’s really bad habit & decrease your goal of lose pound a day. While on these times try to attend some work, walk around your garden, chat with your friends. These things will skip the bad eating times.

Doing proper exercises & best meal plan come true your weight loses. Everybody who are looking that how to lose pound a day is not a big deal, if you keep track of above points. These points are varying for person to person according to their weight age and gender. And those facts easily reduce calories by 3000 -4000 limit. So Normal body consuming & exercises plus food behaviors are easily made your goals come true. Also we are informing you to take care of your health before doing harder activities.

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