How to store fat in body cell and work?

How to store fat in body cell and work?

Everyone worried about huge body weight and looking many easy ways to lose it. But no one has checked how this weight gaining and how to store fat in body. This thing is really important for everybody to get an idea about high weight of the body. More over this idea and knowledge helps us to do workouts and activities perfectly match to our goal.

Because our body build with millions of cells and different area has facilitated to store fat. That’s why we expressed above this knowledge will guide us to use proper factors on right time to lose weight. If our belly area was having much fat then we need to focus that. When our face has gotten fat and need to lose weight on face then we need things which are suitable for that.

How body fat tissues are works?

First we need to get an idea about how fat tissues work in the body. In generally these fat tissues are categorized into 2 types. They are white fat and other type is brown fat.

White fat are important for our body and it help us to heat insulation and metabolism mechanism of energy. Brown fat type has mostly having on babies. They were on shoulder area and main facility of this is generating heat.

These fat tissues are made by fat cells. These are very unique cells. After the emulsification process fat cells are broken down to small unit called micelles.

Lipases enzymes attack these units and break it down to glycerol and fatty acids. After that it was merging with protein coating. Then it’s called chylomicrons and they were passed to lymphatic system in the body. Due to its size they were not going through the bloodstream.

These chylomicrons pass through veins. Lipoprotein lipases break on the veins wall, fat tissue and muscle tissue.

Once you take meal then insulin hormone has activated on your body and absorbing glucose. And also amino & fatty acid. Then happens below points

Stop the above process of breaking glucose

Glycogen ==> glucose

Fat ==>fatty acids, glycerol

Proteins ==> amino acids

Glucose ⇒ glycogen

glycerol /fatty acids ⇒ Fat

Then fatty acid has absorbed by fat cells from the Flood. and this also do by muscle cells and liver cells.fat molecules and stored as fat droplets are made after this process.

Main Factors affecting to store fat


Different age range has different capability of storing fat. Ages has going up this ability also going high. But with metabolism slowing and gradually loss of the fat tissue control this on ages.

How to store fat in body


Main factor for affecting gain weight and fat. Reason for store fat depended 50 percent on this fact.


This also reason for fat store on the body. Women’s have more chance than men for store fat.

Body hormone:

Our body had many hormones. These are also affected factor for this. For men’s testosterone and for women estragon has reason for this.

Why fat storing different?

Different people have different capability of storing fat. It is depend on above mentioned 4 points. Your calorie intake and food has depends on these factors and store extra fat on the tissues. In general this is the scenario.

These fats are mainly storing on stomach area and hip area. After time going on and fat storing expand this has uses neck, face, chest, arms and back areas. 

So losing fat and body weight has happens by biological conversion in the body. Fat droplet breaking down to the energy happens on the process. So cutting down the meals and stay hungry is not the solution for this. Identifying metabolism type and ratio of your food has more important thing. When you follow your life style accordingly this is so easy to maintain and get perfect fit and balance weight body.

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