If I starve myself will I lose weight

If I starve myself will I lose weight

If you do fasting and continue it for some period of time will help to lose your weight or belly fat? 

No it is not true. It’s a myth about weight lose and kind of old way that some are get try.

Why are we telling that this is an old method, while some one cut their food intake for a few days or shorter time will lose some kind of weight due to calorie intake gets low? From this you can satisfied in some cases. But in the other side it was more danger than benefit get from this myth.

Lose weight By starving is healthy?

From this method your weight has gone down by a few pounds within 2, 3 weeks. On simultaneously lean muscle mass also decreases. And then continuously this has decreased and your organs are also getting less size due to this cause. Because on your starving session lean mass sacrifice. Decreasing of them your bones are also getting down size. In case these may able to get injury or broken at some times. 

If I starve myself will i lose weight or get risk?

There are standard limit of daily calorie intake must needed for every human. If this has get down it was not good for their health. On fasting time of your schedule has decreased metabolism of your body. This is not good for every time.

Foods are given most important nutrients to our body. These things are very important. Once the metabolic rate down then the body set on that situation. Result is it’s harder to reset body condition as previously. After this situation body fat storing has going up.

If I starve myself for long term will I lose weight

If I starve myself will I lose weight

For which plan fasting helps to you?

If you had a long term plan of lose body weight then this should not be suitable for you. Because long term fasting may harmful for body condition and as well as health. From these things your BMR has rapidly change with this facts rather than natural way. For short term this can apply. But we never recommend you to totally cut down the meal and stay starving. Take small portions of foods many times. It would decrease your hungry and also reduce the fat storing level. Metabolic cooking is best on this case.


On our weight loss guide we never recommend you to starve at any stage. Take healthy and low carbohydrate foods and do some other important factors helping to this. By doing them easily lose few pounds and you never get unhealthy on this journey.

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