If you really wants to lose your body weight in a 3 pounds a week?

If you really wants to lose your body weight in a 3 pounds a week?

Lots of people in the world ask & search how to lose weight? How to lose 3 pounds a week, how to lose a pound a day, how to lose weight over night, and how many steps to burn 3500 calories likewise. But most are didn’t know how many factors need to be consider to weight lose. Many of our think that are only one process like exercises is enough to lose weight. Different people are having different level of weight losing target. There are many weight lose tips & techniques are having & you can do them really easily. They are realistic weight lose facts anybody can do.

There are many facts to lose 3 pounds a week. These are entirely natural and effective. But keep in mind that you need good attention of them. Because lose 3 pounds within a week is really challenging one.

Drinking More Water

By drinking more water every day helps to increase metabolism and your body will hydrated. Some are doesn’t interest to drink water at thirsty. They choose soft drinks and energy drink. It’s a calorie increasing fact. No one has thinks about this. But the natural water has no calories & its 100% healthy than any other drinks. If you are badly looking for how to lose 3 pounds a week, then you need to drink more water.

Measure Daily calorie Intake

To get a rapid result of lose weight some are cutting down the calories they really needs for day. This may depend on person to person. Age, sex, weight are the other points. Some are calculated 2000 calories are the average level for everyone. By considering the above mention points you need to get daily. Otherwise your body will get lazy. So take care of your body health & limit calorie intake. If you are far away from the recommended level then you immediately take action to balance it & lose 3 pounds for week. By checking your foods intake you can easily calculate this & cut down extra range will get huge result.

Use Alternative Foods

You don’t need to cut down complete food behavior. There are many other alternative foods available in the market to take.

Get Low fat milk or complete no fat dairy products. By doing this you can cut 80 – 120 calories. By getting low fat yogurt other than the sour cream can reduce 200 – 300 calories. For healthy life & reduce 3 pound within the week you can prepare vegetable sandwiches. This will fill your hungry & also cut down the calorie limit. If you are taking alcoholic beverages you need to stop that & you can take substitute as water. As mentioned beginning this has no any calories. Try to take fresh fruits instead of fast foods. It was healthy & gives low calories & many vitamins that needed to body.

How to lose 3 pounds a week by Increasing your Physical activity

To reduce your weight another most important fact is exercises. By engaging with these physical exercises your calories were burn. If you can do these workout & exercise at lease 1- 2 hours then you will get best result. Walking, Running,  Zumba, Jump rope, Crossing is some exercise you may easily do. No need to going to gym or any physical exercise centers. By your effort you can easily reduce 600 calories per day.

Walk after main meals

If you can have a time walk at least 30 minutes after your main meals (Lunch & Dinner). But as a practical situation everybody cannot do this with their busy life style & time management. So it’s not possible every time. But really effective fact

 Drop salt limit

Taking more sodium is really bad for your body & also badly impacted for lose weight. If your goal is reduce 3 pounds then you need to decrease the salt limit. It was really important. If you make foods by using lots of salt then it’s bad you need to reduce it or take alternatives.

Burn more calories than intake

Always try to burn more calories than you have got. This is not easy but exercises can made this success.

Cycling is really good for this. Weight lose seekers has get best result if the cycling at every day. And also long jogging sessions are really helpful.

Add spices

By increasing spices your body metabolism has range to satisfactory level. Also Adding spices partially help reduce salt level.

Sleep Some more time

While you are looking lose 3 pounds a week need some more extra sleeping time. You can get practical idea when you sleep extra 15 minutes or 30 minutes.

Take green Tea

Getting the green tea will helps to lose the body weight.


You can take the snacks. But keep in mind that doesn’t get more. 1 or 2 is enough.

Play Game

Playing some kind of games will lose the weight. Badminton is one of the best sports. 1 – 2 hours of playing this game gets amazing exercise to your body. Quick runs, Quick movements of the game helps to lose your weight. Tennis is also good sport, hard movements, running also helps to reduce weight.

Cut your Daily intake of sugar

Sugar is bad fact for increase weight. Sugar will increase the fat. You no need to completely cut down the sugar intake.

Track Progress While on the weight lose activity & period on time need to keep a track it. In this article discuss the weight lose facts.

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