Lose 15 pounds in 2 months … Will you do that in a proper way?

Lose 15 pounds in 2 months … Will you do that in a proper way?

When someone are looking lose their body weight, most probably they search fastest ways for that. If you really wants to lose weight then you needs to follow good strategically way for that. Also remember to didn’t take un-healthy drugs & risky methods. If you are looking how to lose 15 pounds in 2 months for special events like wedding is not an easy task. But it’s possible. For achieve this huge goal you need to follow many steps. In here we will discuss about that. Mainly you need to control your dietary plan.

You have 14 days to lose 15 pounds. So first you need to prepare good plan for it. You need to record all your activities in next 14 days. What you eat what kind of exercise do on these days, how many time allocated for them, approximate calorie intake according to food types. These records given clear idea, measurements, and goal achieve points easily.

1 pound = 3500 calories.

According to above equation you can measure everything like how many calories need to cut down daily, how many time need to be allocated to exercise & finally how much of weight lose on 2 weeks. But keep in minds that do not cut down recommended calorie per day. For men this recommended level is 1500 & for woman it is 1200. If you forget this then you will face trouble other than the goal archive. So you need to remember it on mind & try to get low calorie foods without taking high amount of calories. Do not get foods from fast food restaurants. Also remember to get less salt limit per day. So always try to prepare your foods at home. This is really easy step you can do for achieve your 15 pounds weight.

Exercises plan for reduce weight

Exercises are also really important for these 2 weeks. You can plan them on each day with clear time schedule. If you are a working person then plan them in to morning time of evening time after working hours. Mixed your exercises. Don’t do same type of exercise every day. So boring & stressful exercises not good for short term larger weight lose activity. So in some cases people were become lazy on exercise sessions. By avoiding this matter you can join to the weight loss groups. By joining these groups you can be a part of member that same target /goal having. Because lots of people in the world having this weight lose issue.

Family as your group

If you are unable to find group with having man members then don’t be worry about that. You can join with your family member or friend who interesting about how to lose 15 pounds in 2 months. By on this group program activities you can research & find good workouts, exercises for lose weight. Be careful if joining to group on gym or any fitness center, because of that some kind of these groups are trying to sell un-healthy weight lose pills & drugs. These may give quick result but for long term these will give bad impact for you. Always try to lose your weight without these drugs. It’s really good for your body & future.


You can do cycling 3 or 4 days about 30 minutes to 1 hour time is really good for lose your weight. Most of the part of your body has got good exercise on cycling & burn more calories to get close to your 15 pounds within 2 weeks target.

30 minutes Running

Running is really good for anyone who looking loses their weight.  At least 30 minutes per day is definitely giving best out come to you. You can do this by using treadmill. But we mostly recommend avoiding treadmill. Because normal running will not get some effects on your knee’s & legs.  If you are not interesting to running then don’t attend that. You can walk fast. Daily half an hour of running or walking is best for lose weight.

How to lose 15 pounds in 2 months

Better dieting plan

As we discuss early part you need good dieting plan to reduce calorie limit on your body. You can measure this easily. But in some cases if anybody unable to analyze & calculate may difficult to set their target. So in these cases better thing is meet consultant regarding dietitian. You can talk and discuss about your matter & target. On this consulting time they will propose you to better dietary program to do for how to lose 15 pounds in 2 months. They also give an idea about the exercises. If you are feeling any sickness this is mandatory for these kinds of people. Because consultant know your health condition and then they give you proper weight lose program to do.

Water intake

Water is really good fact for lose 15 pounds in 2 months. Avoid soft drinks & other beverages. Take water as much as you can. Also fruit juice, soda is good. If you are a coffee lover, black coffee it has low calories.

Taking More fruits and Vegetable is doing best on weight lose. Some of fruits have more sugar. So keep in mind that and take low sugar fruits. Eating fresh more vegetable is really good for people who check how to lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks. Choose & take whole grains foods. Oats, Barley, browns are some of them. It’s given carbohydrate in safer way.

Control your food portion

Always take low portion of high fat foods and high calorie foods. Most suitable for get more portion of vegetables for your main course.

Share your 15 pounds weight lose program with others & talk about that. They will appreciate it & cheer you to about the success. This will increase your moral.

Sustain your plan for long term

Most probably many people who doing weight lose for some function or event will not continue for after that period of time. They stop the weight lose program. This is critical issue for these kinds of people. After stopping suddenly you body will work as unbalance. Fat and calorie limit increases and weight gone up. So you need to continue this schedule for long term.

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