Metabolic cooking for fast weight loss

Metabolic cooking for fast weight loss

Overweight of the body is a massive headache for lots of people in the world. Different types of people, especially weight loss coach, instructors giving so many guidance and directions to them. But not all is going to be a success with our life style and time. With some training and facts helps to lose 15 pounds or 10 pounds within less than time period. But for long term we need to good meal plans and methods for that. Now a day’s most important thing is metabolic cooking and takes these metabolic foods to our meals.

Why metabolic cooking is important?

Our body weight has increased on depending on many factors. Some of these are come from genes by their family. Weight of these people has risen up regularly with low portion of diet as well. Gene’s condition and hormone activation is the reason for that. At normally it’s hard to control.

Over weighting depending on factor those calories we take from the foods. Some are high in calories. If we select easy metabolism diet to our meals and prepare them accordingly get massive support to lose weight and maintain them for a long time. Because these having given support to boost natural metabolism of our body.

Why most people fail on cooking?

As on above we discuss that foods and cooking method helping to lose weight. Now we get a question that why we fail on that?

There is much reason depending for that. With busy schedule of life many people cannot give much effort to learn good techniques to follow preparation of foods which are healthy. Some of food preparing needed 2, 3 hours. Most are cannot wait on this much of time. And lots of cooking people doesn’t know natural metabolism increased foods.

How are metabolic meals helping to weight loss? 

metabolic cooking

Meaning and purpose of metabolism is make energy which we need for our body activity. Different types of people have different conditions. Some of our low metabolism condition. This person’s body has not burn calories perfectly and fast. Due to this reason Fat has stored on the cells. Body of metabolism high people was not getting much fat because calorie burning was fast and did it on effective manner.

Foods are on mainly two categories under our topic. Some are harder to burn and make energy. And other type is easily burns and makes energy to body. This secondly mentioned type is the best food type we need to select as our meal. 

External factors for boost metabolism

  • Weight Lifting
  • Running
  • Drink more water
  • Take more protein through your main meals
  • Stand more time
  • Take Green tea after the meal
  • Good sleep
  • Drink coffee

What are the good foods for increase metabolism?

Metabolism is most important body factor for weight loss. Cooking metabolic foods and take them as your meal given best support for lose weight.  These foods and drinks are increase it naturally. Below is the most important foods which helps to this.

High protein food

For this group we can get meats, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, daily & etc. These high protein foods have increases the thermic effect of foods. By these has help to absorb & digest the calories on your body


This also a metabolism increase factor. Around 10% will increase by daily intake of Coffee.

Green Tea

This is the important boosting factor. If you can get the best green tea after your lunch or dinner will return best result to you.

Apple cider

Metabolic increase factor help to burn fat and make energy on your body. 


Best supportive thing for this and 2- 3 liter per day is best for healthy life and increase metabolism

Selenium and iron rich foods

These are good for metabolism. These 2 things and zinc included food are best for your cooking activity. Always take home these types of foods. To easy maintenance and reduce weight this will give silent support to you.

 Chili peppers

This has ingredient to boost your body’s metabolism.10 – 20 mg per day is quite good for increase it.


On our final verdict of this article we can recommend you to get more metabolic supportive foods and cook them as healthy. These food factors give massive silent support to boost internal natural metabolism system

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