What are the factors affecting for weight loss?

What are the factors affecting for weight loss?

Over weighting is a serious problem for many of us. From this issue not only getting high weighted but also get many side effects from that. All over the world millions of peoples are suffering due to this problem. So we need to identify factors affecting for weight loss.

To overcome this issue we need to give our full effort. But before that consider major factors affect to gain weight.

What are the weight gain factors?

This may was different from person to person. Overweight may happen due to 1 or more reason from that.

Family & genes

We all have family and our genes are having different conditions. Some overweight condition may be happens due to this genes condition. You can see some of the families had chubby people in every generation. Reason is why genes from your family play a big role for this. These genes are increasing fat storing ability of the body. By referring many researches we can identify this factor. These family members are getting fatter without taking massive food portion.


Person’s age is another factor for getting overweight. While you get older from younger age overweight issue happens. You can identify this simply by checking your BMI value.


This is also the main factor for affecting high weight. Mostly women’s are getting much fat than men. Basically on women’s, hip & butt areas are the main fat storing. For men’s belly area is mostly fat storing area.

Eating habits

Bad eating habits become overweight of your body. If you want to reduce lose a pound a day, you definitely need to control this. Healthy and low calorie foods are better for you. Fast foods and some high calorie included foods getting much fat to body and body weight gaining fast.

Not getting good sleep

As on our life cycle we work for extra hours. We never think about our body condition and rest. For healthier life and lose weight need good sleep. 7 or 8 hours of sleep is better for everyone.

Physical activities

Most of us are avoiding physical activities like playing games in busy life cycle.  If you can play at least one game over weight issue has not get.

Also few other factors are affecting for this

–          Your stress

–          Medical condition of your body

–          Some medicine intakes

What are the factors that hard to become a success?

On weight losing process some of the above discussed factors are difficult to avoid

–          Family Genes

–          Stress

–          Medical condition

Affecting Factors for Weight loss

There are many factors were affected for loss body weight and fat. These are help us in different ways for burn them and get slim perfect body.

Balanced diet:

factors affecting for weight loss

Mostly important factor for anybody who wish to lose their body weight. Calories are getting to our body by foods we have taken.1 pound of weight equal to 3500 calories. Different foods are having different range of calories on same equal portion. So before us get each and every food to our diet need to identify their impact. If we are going to lose a pound a day or more on several weeks this is the most important factor. Take low carbohydrate diet instead of high carbohydrate foods.

Water intake per day:

If our body was perfectly hydrated at every time on the day, it’s is good factor for weight loss. It is good for fat storing on our cells. If you suffering about fatty face and looking out loss face weight then water intake is must. At least 2 to 3 liter per day is a must for everybody.


We can do many workouts & exercise to burn the calories. This will speed up burning mechanism. No need to do tiered risky workout. Just do simple things like leg raise, crunching, pushups, small range weight lifting works.30 to 60 minutes per day is enough for getting good results.

Walking & running:

Both of these factors are highly suitable for minimize your body weight. No need to go and do hard workouts. Simply walk and run around 1 hour per day is enough. If you are an old guy do not run fast, just walk as much as you can. 


One of the best things is if you can do. But all of us cannot attend to this factor. Because of all are cannot swim. No need to worry about.


This can be taken as hobby. Some are loves for this. So if you are overweight person do not avoid it. Continuously do it. It’s return back amazing result for you.


30 minutes or more cycling per day give good results for you and give perfect impact to your whole body. Most of the body abs is actively works on this activity. So this is the factor return huge support for fat burning.


Here we have discussed about the main factors that help us to lose weight. And also some of the factors are cannot avoid with weight gain. But we can control them by our above mentioned factors. They were really easy things everyone can do by themselves.

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